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“Be prepared to be enlightened”

I had the personal joy of being on the receiving end of Celeste's coaching whilst in a leadership role at LinkedIn. Celeste is an incredible coach and all round wonderful human. Celeste has the ability in a short period of time cut through what is holding a person or business back, then quickly looks to coach individuals to overcome their challenges or obstacles to enable optimum success. If you are lucky enough to work with celeste be prepared to be enlightened and be open to being transformed personally and professionally.

Lisa Gibbons – Enterprise Growth Executive, InVision


“The best I’ve ever worked with”

Over 20 years of executive coaches and course facilitators and Celeste is hands down the best I've ever worked with. She's extremely intelligent, has a wonderful repository of both academic and practical knowledge, has great intuition and a slightly spooky knack of getting people to open up and be honest with themselves in a short space of time.

She has helped to transform me into a better leader and a happier person. She has given some fantastic guidance to my team and facilitated an inspiring team ethos and dynamic. We all look forward to the next instalment and team health check-up.

Ian McClelland – MD Corporate Development, Guardian Media Group


“Celeste absolutely nailed it!”

Celeste ran a fantastic session in one our team workshops. The relevance of her session was spot on. With a very short brief, Celeste absolutely nailed it. Celeste brings energy and knowledge to the room, and definitely makes an impact. The whole team walked away talking very highly of their experience with Celeste. I would highly recommend her to any business, team or individual. Love Your Work Celeste!

Samantha Barnett, MYOB


Celeste is a powerful and engaging speaker.  I attended a Transformational workshop recently where Celeste shared her steps to transformation with the group, her visualisation techniques were effective and manageable. I highly recommend Celeste.

Nadia Espley, Google



“More successful in my role after the first session”

I worked with Celeste for three months this year as my executive coach. To say I was impressed would be an understatement as she was truly inspiring for me. Not only did she get me to a place where I was able to think differently, but visible results straight off meant I was already being more successful in my role after the first session.

Without her guidance and knowledge I simply wouldn't be where I am now, pushing myself in ways I didn't think I could, and her friendly attitude and great insights will be sorely missed! I would hire her again in a flash.

Ben Anderson-Dukes - Director, Fitch Solutions


“Guides us, inspires us, coaches us.”

Celeste works as a consultant with the senior management team at Guardian Australia, attending and running our bi-annual strategy away days. She guides us, inspires us, coaches us and helps us to be the best team that we can be for our business. Over the last couple of years we have made enormous improvements as a team and much of that can be attributed to Celeste's talents, experience and personality. I highly recommend her to any team looking to drive collaboration, build a positive working culture and effectively implement a strategic vision throughout their business.

Margy Vary, Guardian News and Media


“Inspirational to work with”

Celeste is truly inspirational to work with. She starts with taking the time to understand your business and change requirements, then designs a program to meet the needs and through constant communication made sure that the program constantly changed and evolved to meet the needs of the team. To do this she brings together her extensive international experience in leading businesses, driving change and coaching. Her insights were invaluable as they are founded in a deep understanding of individuals, how they are most likely to respond to situations and delivered with empathy and the right balance of tension and support. Her natural energy and enthusiasm were also an important part of keeping the team focused!

Jocelyn Turner  - General Manager, Banking and Finance, NAB



Celeste was introduced to me at a critical time when I wanted to bring my team together to begin our journey in identifying our purpose and vision. Celeste’s ability to engage, help break down the business challenge, and build good lean structure to our initiative was great. Celeste was an absolute pleasure to work with, highly engaging, clear, and articulate. Her ability to dive deep into the detail while maintaining the strategic direction and bringing everyone on that journey was great. She earned trust quickly and I enjoyed partnering with her. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Celeste again and highly recommend her services.

Damian Fasciani - Director of Technology, Culture Amp


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