Creating High Performance Leaders, Teams & Cultures through Connection.


Firstly, please know you aren’t alone! And you’re absolutely in the right place.

Secondly, you and your team don’t need to – and shouldn’t – feel this way. Because connection matters.

In a world that often feels relentlessly busy and digitally interconnected, the irony is that humans are feeling more disconnected than ever. This is abundantly clear within our workplaces, where individuals and teams are experiencing burnout, lack of motivation, and diminished creativity.

Whether you’re a leader looking to cultivate a more connected culture within your team or an executive seeking to elevate your leadership capabilities, I am here to help you. Think of me as a guide, mentor, and catalyst for change.

As a Connection and High-Performance Culture Consultant, my personable, honest, and outcome-driven approach draws on my background in psychotherapy, fascination with emerging insights from the world of neuroscience, and practical board and executive experience in Australia and overseas.

Together, we work on both an individual and team level to identify and address key challenges within your teams and organisations. This facilitates your journey towards reconnecting with yourself, discovering your unique purpose and meaning, and fostering deep connections with others. Ultimately, turning your team into a thriving and high-performing unit.

I’ve made it my mission to create a world full of brilliant and lit up people and I’d love to help you on your connection journey!

Are you ready to shine as a Leader and Light Up your Teams?



An Executive Coaching Program designed to amplify and ignite Leadership brilliance for both individuals and teams. Through Celeste’s innate ability to see what might be holding a Leader back, Celeste is able to devise clear and tangible ways to overcome these challenges. 


Our Team Programs are for High-Performance Leaders who want to create real, impactful organisational change and aren’t afraid to go against the status quo. We create an environment that encourages constructive conversation and problem-solving.


No more dull Off-Site events. Our process guarantees engaging, thought-provoking and fun experiences. Our tailored one or two-day development sessions enhance clarity, alignment and team Connection. No more wasting time – just meaningful impact.


Celeste is on a mission to create a world full of brilliant and lit-up people, and keynote speaking is a core pillar of that process. She relishes in connecting with audiences to inspire those ‘a-ha’ moments, motivate change, and share practical tools you can apply.

Our Connection Programs Are For Leaders and Teams Who Are: 


The High Performers: Leaders who take pride in their commitment to high-performance and results-driven excellence.


The Transformers: Leaders who want to create real, impactful change in their organisation and aren’t afraid to be different.


The Culture Changers: Leaders who want to create a place people love coming to work; where they belong, where they grow and develop and where they create the incredible, together.



Connection quiz

How connected are you?

We believe that as humans we are meant to live full, brilliantly lit up lives.

At the core of our model lies a belief: to radiate a truly illuminated and thriving life, we must nurture connection—to ourselves, to meaning and purpose, and to others.

This quiz invites you to explore what truly lights you up and identify areas where you may need to rekindle those connections. Through self-discovery and introspection, our aim is to provide you with insightful results that empower you to reclaim your authenticity, connect with yourself, and cultivate meaningful relationships.

Understanding your unique connection style is not just a quiz; it’s a journey toward a more connected and brilliantly lit-up version of yourself.

What We Believe About Connection

Connected Leaders build Connected teams and create Connected Cultures

Connected Leaders

Connected Leaders are human Leaders. They’re values led,  have crystal clear vision, inspire exceptional results and create teams people love to be a part of and thrive in.

Connected Teams

Connected Teams create extraordinary outcomes.  Built on deep trust and care, they’re safe havens for courageous, vibrant conversations that improve and transform the business, themselves and each other.

Connected Cultures

Connected Cultures are alive and aligned.  They’re values led, focussed on achieving their vision and purpose and care about their people, their customers and the world.

Engaged with organisations worldwide

Meet Celeste

Passionate, energetic and vibrant, Celeste radiates her belief in people and the power of human connection to change the way we live, work and lead.

As a Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach and Facilitator, Celeste works with Leaders, Teams and whole organisations to humanise the way they work and achieve the extraordinary.


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Latest Thoughts & News pieces

The Re-Connection Revolution

Conscious Communication Skills to Transform Relationship Upset with James ‘Fish’ Gill

In this episode, I am beyond thrilled to chat with Relationship Communication Coach James ‘Fish’ Gill, who challenges the common belief that relationship transformation requires the active participation of both parties. Having experienced firsthand the profound effects of his teachings, I am excited to share this enlightening conversation with you. ‘Fish,’ as we call him, brings incredible insight into moments of conflict and demonstrates how significant change can occur if one person approaches the situation with loving awareness. He explains how it only takes one person to change the entire trajectory of the relationship. A must-listen episode for anyone who wants to improve their relationships both at work, and at home.

Why Mecca M-Power Is Doubling Down on Gender Equality and Backing Bold Changemakers with Lisa Keenan

When I first decided to start a podcast, one of the very FIRST people I thought of as a guest was this INCREDIBLE powerhouse of a woman, Lisa Keenan. You could say I started this podcast JUST to get to speak to brilliant minds like hers, so I’m particularly pumped to share this episode with you.

Lisa is the visionary Executive Director of Mecca M-Power, a dynamic social change movement that champions equality and opportunity for women and girls. On top of this, Lisa is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Nightingale Advisors, in addition to serving as a Non-Executive Director at the ALLG, an organization focused on improving the lives and survival rates of people with blood cancer.

Lisa is on a BIG MISSION, but not only that, she has had an incredible journey. It’s like something out of a movie, and she so generously shared it with me. If you’re in need of a dose of inspiration and hope for a more equal world in which the next generation can thrive, or just a healthy dose of optimism, then this episode is for you.

I REALLY enjoyed this one, and I hope you do too!

Celeste xx

The Importance of Being Authentic with Your Kids, and Why I Dedicated My Life to Learning – And Teaching – The Skill Of Connection

They say we teach what we have to learn, and the part of connection that I’ve always struggled with the most is the two-way part! It comes very naturally for me to focus on other people and to learn all about them. However, when the focus is turned on to me and it’s my turn to share, my natural response is to deflect. The truth is, I am far more comfortable talking about others than I am talking about myself. In this episode of The Reconnection Revolution, I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone and go solo.

I love all the chats I’ve had with my guests so far, but before I share more of those episodes, I think it’s important for me to share a little bit more about myself too.

This episode is a pretty vulnerable one as I cover some of my journey with shadow work, the parenting mistakes I’ve made along the way, and the existential crisis that led me onto the path I am now walking today…

I hope you will enjoy this episode and hopefully see some similarities between my journey and your own journey – after all, we’re all in this together.

Celeste xx


What is connection and why is it important?

What is connection and why is it important?

Our connections – light and deep – remind us that we are one of many, that we are part of something bigger. They keep us connected to our community and to the world around us.

The Connected Collective

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