Why Connection – Our Leadership Philosophy

Why is Connection Important in Leadership

Connected Leaders have a deep understanding of themselves and the world around them.

They Care.  They Connect.  They Challenge.  They Create.

They’re values and purpose led, so they can stay calm and clear in the face of conflict and can collaboratively problem solve to facilitate a solution.  

They adapt to and navigate change and challenges with ease, remaining focused on their vision and goals. They foster belonging and create a positive, high performance  environment for their team.


What We Believe About Connection

Connected Leaders build Connected teams and create Connected Cultures

Connected Leaders

Connected Leaders are human Leaders. They’re values led,  have crystal clear vision, inspire exceptional results and create teams people love to be a part of and thrive in.

Connected Teams

Connected Teams create extraordinary outcomes.  Built on deep trust and care, they’re safe havens for courageous, vibrant conversations that improve and transform the business, themselves and each other.

Connected Cultures

Connected Cultures are alive and aligned.  They’re values led, focussed on achieving their vision and purpose and care about their people, their customers and the world.

Our Connected Leaders Model is the foundation of all our programs.

The Connected Leader’s Model provides an easy starting point for Leaders of all levels of experience.

It has been carefully designed to link with specific Leadership competencies your organisation may be prioritising like; psychological safety, trust or  difficult conversations. The Connected Leader’s System creates an immediate shared understanding, common language, and aligned way of thinking that can deepen and develop over time.

The Connected Leaders Model

Connection with Self

When we’re connected with ourselves, we know our strengths and our blind spots. We can turn our attention out; towards our goals, other people, and the future.

Connection with Meaning & Purpose

When we’re connected with our meaning and purpose, we feel clear about what we want, personally motivated and confident in our actions and choices.

Connection with Others

When we’re connected to others, we feel accepted, safe and supported. We have empathy and understanding for others and feel a sense of belonging.

Theory Underpinning our Connected Leaders System

The Connected Leaders System is built on the foundations of three key theories; Inclusive Leadership, Conscious Leadership, and Integral Leadership.


Inclusive Leadership is about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture where everyone’s perspectives and contributions are valued.


Conscious Leadership focuses on self-awareness, personal growth, and creating meaningful connections with others.


Integral Leadership integrates multiple perspectives and considers the complex systems and dynamics at play in an organisation.

By incorporating these foundational elements of Leadership, the Connected Leaders System provides a clear framework for Leaders to develop their thinking and their practical skills to create positive, impactful change within the organisation.

We worked with Celeste on a number of projects at Guardian Australia. She has been instrumental in helping our executive team better understand each other - including our respective strengths, weaknesses and ways of working - which has made a substantial improvement to our working relationships and overall performance. Celeste has facilitated many of our strategic conversations, helping us prioritise the issues and opportunities that are most important to the business and making a substantial contribution to our recent growth. Celeste is also an absolute pleasure to work with - I highly recommend her.


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