A little about Celeste

Global Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Coach/Mentor and Facilitator on ‘Connection’ located in Melbourne, Victoria.

For over 25-years, Celeste has worked with leaders and their teams, to improve culture, drive high-performance, achieve strategic and operational goals, and humanise the way they work.

During this time, Celeste has achieved breakthrough outcomes with ASX200 companies and other highly progressive organisations, throughout Australia and globally.

Her personable, honest and outcome driven approach, draws on her background in psychotherapy, fascination with emerging insights from the world of neuroscience and practical Board and Executive experience in Australia & overseas.

Celeste is passionate about working with businesses and leaders who: want to be smart about how they collaborate and innovate, recognise the old way of working no longer works and strive to break down barriers and create connection, clarity and alignment, across the organisation.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

At Celeste Halliday, we are passionate about transforming the way people live their lives – for the better. We aim to achieve this by living out our values each and every day, with each other, our clients, our loved ones and ourselves.


For every human to live a brilliant, lit up life.


To reconnect people with what it means to be human by, ​transforming the way we think, live, and love.



We connect, first, always

We prioritise genuine, human connection in our teams, with our clients and in our own lives.
We connect with ourselves


We bring the light!

We shine the light on others; their strengths and inherent capability.


We aim high

We set big goals, are realistically optimistic and work courageously to achieve them.


We inspire change

Learning and failing together


We prioritise life

We acknowledge the high, lows and important moments in life and give them the space and time they deserve