A little about Celeste

Global Keynote Speaker, Author, Executive Coach/Mentor and Facilitator on ‘Connection’.

I believe Connection is paramount to both our personal, and professional wellbeing, which is why I’ve committed my life to teaching it.

You could say I’ve spent my life mastering the art of teaching Connection. 

It’s my specialty, my passion and my purpose. 

In our increasingly disconnected world, I teach people how to re-connect with themselves, with meaning & purpose and with each other.

For over 25-years, I have worked with companies to improve culture by addressing disconnection among Leaders and within teams to help them drive high-performance, achieve strategic and operational goals, and humanise the way they work.

During this time, I achieved breakthrough outcomes with ASX200 companies and other highly progressive organisations, throughout Australia and globally.

I am passionate about working with businesses and leaders who: want to be smart about how they collaborate and innovate, recognise the old way of working no longer works and strive to break down barriers and create connection, clarity and alignment, across the organisation.

I firmly believe that Connection is a skill that can be learnt by everyone, including you. 

And here’s the secret: Just like a personal GPS system, Connection already lives within YOU.

I’m just the match who lights the spark! 

Think of me as your Connection Conduit.

As a Connection and High Performance Culture Consultant, my personable, honest and outcome driven approach, draws on my background in psychotherapy, fascination with emerging insights from the world of neuroscience and practical Board and Executive experience in Australia & overseas.

I’ve made it my mission to create a world full of brilliant and lit up people

Are you ready to shine as a Leader and Light Up your Teams?


Our Vision, Beliefs & Values


To create a world where every human can live a brilliant, lit up life.

our beliefs

To reconnect people with what it means to be human by, ​transforming the way we think, live, and love.



We connect, first, always

    • We Connect with Ourselves – always seeking to improve our self-awareness, authenticity and emotional management.
    • We Connect with Meaning & Purpose – we know our values, what gives us fulfilment and the contribution we want to make to the world.
    • We Connect With Others – we prioritise genuine, human connection and seek to make others feel seen, valued and accepted.

We bring the light!

  • We’re attention out. We shine the light on others; their strengths and inherent capabilities.
  • We bring positivity and lightness. We celebrate the highs, the milestones and the wins, and we give the challenges and the lows the space and time they deserve.
  • We illuminate dark corners. We bring light to unexplored areas and create positive impact and change.

We’re Always on a Quest

    • We set big goals and embody excellence.
    • We’re curious. We care. We challenge. We contribute. We create.



We believe Connection is the key to building a more equitable, compassionate, and evolved world for everyone.


A world where every person feels seen, accepted, and valued for who they authentically are.


A world where every person can focus on thriving, not just surviving. Where no one feels stuck.  Where no one feels alone.


A world illuminated by brilliant, lit up people, each shining their unique light and guiding others to find and shine theirs