The Luminaries | Executive Coaching Program

A coaching program designed to amplify and ignite your Leadership brilliance     

Connection is the number one predictor of thriving – both personally and professionally. It’s the key to creating more human and high performing leaders, who inspire others, create change and live happier, more fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, most leaders today are so overwhelmed and burnt out, they’ve become disconnected from themselves, their meaning and purpose, and those around them.

They’ve lost their brilliant spark. 

That’s where The Luminaries Coaching Program comes in. 

This program is for Leaders who are tired of sticking to the status quo and accepting that the old way of working is the only way. Together we will take your leadership skills and capabilities to new heights, by reconnecting you to yourself, your meaning and purpose, and others. We will identify what success means TO YOU, pinpoint the areas of your life and career that aren’t working, and start taking the necessary steps to make your idea of success a reality.

Your personal coach, accountability partner and the rocket to get you going

The Luminaries Coaching Program is designed to create deep change, by shifting both mindset and behaviour.

We do this by;

Creating clarity around purpose and outcomes

Developing a solid plan

Implementing an accountability method

Supporting your growth and development


1:1 Executive Coaching

Our Luminary Executive Coaching method focuses on ‘Connection’- Connection to Self, Meaning and Purpose, and others.

What to expect

Celeste’s approach draws on her background in psychotherapy, fascination with emerging insights from the world of neuroscience and practical experience in Board & Executive positions, in Australia and overseas

This high-touch program will give you direct and regular access to Celeste and her coaching proprietary. Together, you will work to identify your key challenges, explore solutions and take actionable steps towards your goals.


6 months

What’s Included


Fortnightly Contact

Fortnightly contact with Celeste via Zoom and phone.


Monthly 1:1 Coaching Session

1-hour intensive sessions with Celeste, to work through challenges, identify solutions and set clear, achievable goals.


Monthly 15-min Intra Session

Check in call’s between coaching sessions to discuss progress and address challenges.


Connection Proprietary

Resources, tools and insights to help apply and learn, Celeste’s ‘Connection’ IP.


Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) 360 Assessment

A world class standard Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment tool and 2.5 hour debrief with Celeste, to discuss results and establish coaching goals. Click here for more information. (optional)

Over 20 years of executive coaches and course facilitators and Celeste is hands down the best I've ever worked with. She's extremely intelligent, has a wonderful repository of both academic and practical knowledge, has great intuition and a slightly spooky knack of getting people to open up and be honest with themselves in a short space of time. She has helped to transform me into a better leader and a happier person. She has given some fantastic guidance to my team and facilitated an inspiring team ethos and dynamic. We all look forward to the next instalment and team health check-up.


This program is for you if:


You’re feeling disconnected from your values


You’ve lost your spark and feeling burnt out


You’re unmotivated


You’re unsure of your next step


Wishing for more time in your day for the things that matter most


You’re ready to start a new role that you want to excel in

Want to know more?

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