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When your systems are disconnected, you call IT. When an acquisition gets blocked, it’s the responsibility of Legal. When your budget isn’t performing, you rely on your Finance Team.

Yet, often, many of us don’t know where to begin when we or our teams are the ones feeling disconnected, blocked, and underperforming. 

Despite this common issue in workplaces, more often than not there’s no department that are equipped to tackle that. So where do you go when can’t fix your own problems? 

The solution is simple: You reach out to me!

Now, I certainly can’t fix your IT systems, but as a Connection and High-Performance Culture Consultant, can correct your company’s Connection issues. 

Connection is paramount to both our personal, and professional wellbeing, which is why I’ve committed my life to teaching it.

Having spent the last 25 years devoted to addressing disconnection among Leaders and within Teams,  I’ve spent my life mastering the art of teaching Connection. 

It’s my specialty, my passion and my purpose. 

In our increasingly disconnected world, I teach people how to re-connect with themselves, with meaning & purpose and with each other.

I firmly believe that Connection is a skill that can be learnt by everyone, including you. 

And here’s the secret: Just like a personal GPS system, Connection already lives within YOU.

I’m just the match who lights the spark! 

Think of me as your Connection Conduit.

As a Connection and High Performance Culture Consultant, I’ve made it my mission to create a world full of brilliant and lit up people

Are you ready to shine as a Leader and Light Up your Teams? 



An Executive Coaching Program designed to amplify and ignite Leadership brilliance for both individuals and teams. Through Celeste’s innate ability to see what might be holding a Leader back, Celeste is able to devise clear and tangible ways to overcome these challenges.  Join The Luminaries to become the Leader that inspires.   


Our Team Programs are for High-Performance Leaders who want to create real, impactful organisational change and aren’t afraid to go against the status quo. We create an environment that encourages constructive conversation and problem-solving. This strategic approach fosters a deeper Connection between the Team and significant individual and collective breakthroughs. 


No more dull Off-Site events. Our process guarantees engaging, thought-provoking and fun experiences. Our tailored one or two-day development sessions enhance clarity, alignment and team Connection. No more wasting time – just meaningful impact.


Celeste is on a mission to create a world full of brilliant and lit-up people, and keynote speaking is a core pillar of that process. She relishes in connecting with audiences to inspire those ‘a-ha’ moments, motivate change, and share practical tools you can apply. Celeste is passionate about authenticity, translating science into ‘human,’ and shedding light on the darker aspects of life.

Our Connection Programs Are For Leaders and Teams Who Are: 


The High Performers: Leaders who take pride in their commitment to high-performance and results-driven excellence.


The Transformers: Leaders who want to create real, impactful change in their organisation and aren’t afraid to be different.


The Culture Changers: Leaders who want to create a place people love coming to work; where they belong, where they grow and develop and where they create the incredible, together.



What We Believe About Connection

Connected Leaders build Connected teams and create Connected Cultures

Connected Leaders

Connected Leaders are human Leaders. They’re values led,  have crystal clear vision, inspire exceptional results and create teams people love to be a part of and thrive in.

Connected Teams

Connected Teams create extraordinary outcomes.  Built on deep trust and care, they’re safe havens for courageous, vibrant conversations that improve and transform the business, themselves and each other.

Connected Cultures

Connected Cultures are alive and aligned.  They’re values led, focussed on achieving their vision and purpose and care about their people, their customers and the world.

Engaged with organisations worldwide

Meet Celeste

Passionate, energetic and vibrant, Celeste radiates her belief in people and the power of human connection to change the way we live, work and lead.

As a Keynote Speaker, Author, Coach and Facilitator, Celeste works with Leaders, Teams and whole organisations to humanise the way they work and achieve the extraordinary.


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Latest Thoughts & News pieces

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What is connection and why is it important?

What is connection and why is it important?

Our connections – light and deep – remind us that we are one of many, that we are part of something bigger. They keep us connected to our community and to the world around us.

The Connected Collective

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