A little bit about me, and why I do what I do

After studying business and marketing, I jumped headlong into a career in advertising. I was fresh faced and full of ideas… and ideals.

At 25, after being poached by one of my clients, I found myself in charge of a team and a very large marketing budget. I learned a lot – quickly, made mistakes, fell down and picked myself up again. I realised my true love wasn’t products, it was people. I loved finding out what made people light up inside and working with them to make sure they could shine bright. I also realised this was what made a business successful – people using their unique strengths to achieve brilliant results. So, I left advertising to pursue a more people-centric path – including change management and recruitment where I really learned to read people and quickly grasp the dynamics of a team or business. I was fascinated with neuroscience and human behaviour, so much so that I went back to school to study applied psychology.

I’ve always had a drive to change the world! As big as that sounds, what I have learned through my work and studies is that each and every person has the power to change the way the world works, the way a business runs, the kind of day a colleague has. Working across businesses in different sectors and different countries, I know that the common denominator in exceptional business performance is great people. The people running a piece of work will determine whether it succeeds or fails. The people leading an organisation create its culture. The relationship between a manager and a team member largely determines performance and engagement.

As a qualified psychotherapist I have a unique perspective on what organisations and individuals struggle with, and how to help them improve performance and build brilliant cultures. As an executive and former COO, I’ve put it all into practice. I know what really works on a day-to-day level. Powerful results can be achieved from micro-adjustments – managing our own behaviour, being more authentically present, listening with fascination, knowing and being able to articulate our purpose and the steps it will take to get there.

So what do I actually do? I work with individuals, teams and businesses.
I mentor and coach individuals. Together we confront fears and bring blindspots into focus and, most importantly, leverage your unique strengths and unlock untapped potential. It’s not for the fainthearted! It is challenging and it's also fun. I provide a safe space to explore ideas, confront what’s holding you back (while knowing that I’ve got your back). It's one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

With teams and organisations it’s about supercharging performance. It might be a hackathon – finding clever solutions to leadership or performance problems. It’s about focused work, not more work. We dismantle the way things are ‘usually’ done and rebuild them in a way that’s human, effective and exciting. Teams and leaders leave these sessions with stronger relationships and the confidence to perform at the highest level without losing sight of what it means to be human.

But don’t just take my word for it – hear from my clients, connect with me on LinkedIn and watch me present one of my favourite subjects – Contagiously Human Leadership.


The Lowdown

My business background spans: financial services, retail, telecoms, manufacturing/FMCG, advertising and health/social care.  

I’ve worked with brilliant organisations including: Cadbury, Telstra, ANZ, Foster's Group, LinkedIn, NAB, Guardian Newspapers and Herbert Smith Freehills.

I have a Business Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology. I’m qualified in multiple psychometric and 360 tools and am a System Thinking Practitioner.