Celeste has been working with leaders and their teams for over 25 years, to help them get smarter about how they drive individual performance and build brilliant cultures at the same time.

Celeste achieves breakthrough outcomes with the world’s largest and most progressive organisations by blending her background in psychotherapy, her fascination with emerging insights from the world of neuroscience and her practical Board & Executive experience in Australia & overseas.

This blend has seen her become a global expert in her field, working as a keynote speaker, facilitator, trainer and mentor in her niche area: connection.

Connection Powers Performance

Connection is what humans strive for. Connection and meaning.  Connection underpins stand out leadership, drives individual performance, bonds teams and breaks down organisational silos.  Connection is the bedrock upon which great culture is built.

This simple yet stunningly powerful insight around connection sees organisations like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Guardian Media, MYOB, ANZ, Culture Amp, Buzzfeed, Envato, Readify, Deakin University and NAB engage Celeste globally and over time.