My Obsession with Connection – where it all began…

14 May 2020

Connection underpins stand out leadership, drives individual performance, bonds teams and breaks down organisational silos.

Connection is the bedrock upon which brilliant cultures are built.

There’s an old saying that we teach what we have to learn…

I’ve always been fascinated with people.  Watching them, talking with them. Thirsty for ‘connection’.

According to my family, from the time I was very young, I ‘collected’ people everywhere I went.   Random strangers on the bus. Someone I walked past on the street. Everywhere we went I would greet people by name that my parents had never even met before.  They tell me it was quite unsettling…!

As a parent myself now, I can tell you it is – because my children are the same.

Everywhere we go, people know them by name.

It’s because they take the time to connect with the people around them.  It matters to them. It turns their everyday moments – like putting out the rubbish bin or collecting the mail – into something more.  A connection to another human.  A connection to their community.

Often, as we get older, something happens.  We lose our openness.  We lose the lovely naïveté that I see in my children – the willingness to bridge divide, understand the differences in people, the belief that we have more in common than what separates us.

We’re seeing this on a global scale right now.  Beautiful examples of neighbourly and global connection, both on social media and in our own communities, we’re remembering in a way we haven’t for many years, that we are actually all in this together.

Brene Brown, author and social researcher, sums it up this way; “Our neural, hormonal, and genetic makeup supports interdependence over independence.”


The business case for connection is very real and our current working from home experience has shown us the power of pulling together around a common purpose and focussing on supporting and connecting with each other.

It’s a game changer.

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Stay safe and connected – Celeste