The Leadership Circle 360 Assessment

The Leadership Circle is a best-in-class 360-degree feedback tool, used by top leaders across the globe.

Leadership Circle is the only assessment tool that evaluates a leader’s effectiveness across two dimensions:

Creative Competencies

Refers to the leader’s positive attributes, such as visionary thinking, strategic planning, and collaboration.

Reactive Tendencies

Refers to their negative tendencies, such as defensiveness, micromanagement, or aloofness.

Trusted by some of the most influential companies across the globe including Microsoft, Pixar and Wikimedia to name a few, the Leadership Circle is the perfect addition for Leaders who want to go a little deeper.

What is a 360 Assessment?

A 360 assessment is a comprehensive evaluation tool that gathers feedback from multiple sources, including managers, peers, direct reports, customers, and other stakeholders. It provides Leaders with a well-rounded view of their performance and identifies areas for improvement. Completing a 360 assessment has proven to be effective in increasing self-awareness, enhancing leadership skills, and promoting accountability. For this reason, it’s commonly used in Leadership development and performance management programs to support coaching, team-building, and other development initiatives.

The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP)

The LCP is uniquely designed to reveal the underlying habits and patterns that can lead to transformational change. Unlike other 360 tools, the LCP assessment measures core behaviour patterns, underlying beliefs, established assumptions, and habits of thought, providing a comprehensive view of a leader’s strengths and areas for development. With the LCP, leaders gain valuable insights that can transform their Leadership competency and capability.

The LCP can be added to the Accelerate Executive Coaching program and Connected Leaders Programs for an additional cost.

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Collective Leadership Assessment (CLA)

The Collective Leadership Assessment (CLA) is a comprehensive tool that helps teams and organisations assess the effectiveness of their collective leadership. By gathering feedback from a range of stakeholders (team members, board members, clients), it provides a clear understanding of how stakeholders view the current state of the leadership team and compares it to the desired state. The results of the assessment identify any gaps between the current and desired levels of effectiveness, which can then be addressed through team coaching to improve overall performance.

Moreover, the CLA provides a benchmark by comparing your team’s or organisation’s effectiveness against the Leadership Circle’s global database. Allowing you to see where you stand in relation to other organisations and identify areas for improvement.

The CLA can be added to Connected Leaders Programs and Offsites that Work, for an additional cost. Learn more about our ‘Offsites That Work’ and Team programs.

The Leadership Circle Case Studies

If you’re not convinced, check out the case studies below to see The Leadership Circle helped these businesses.


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The Leadership Circle

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