Moving Through Shame and Guilt to Find Self-Connection, Hope, and Healthy Masculinity

21 Dec 2023

In this episode of The Reconnection Revolution, Celeste continues her in-depth conversation with Men’s Circle Facilitator Mikey Ellis to unpack the complexities of shame, guilt, and the necessary journey towards self-connection and healthy masculinity.

This episode covers the common concerns many men grapple with, the fear of being irreparably broken, and that somehow, it’s too late to change.

Join Celeste and Mikey as they explore stories that offer hope, encouragement, and tangible ways to kick-start your healing and growth.

This episode serves as a beacon of encouragement, dismantling the belief that anyone is irreversibly stuck.

The Re-connection Revolution podcast, hosted by High Performance Leadership Coach and Connection Consultant, Celeste Halliday, delves into life’s most profound questions to help us understand why we feel so disconnected, and how to find our way back to creating a lit-up life.

Through raw and real conversations with remarkable people living inspirational lives, we provide a window into how we can all find hope, health and happiness and spark a reconnection revolution in our lives.

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