Demystifying Relationships, Self-Connection and Exploring Healthy Masculinity with Mikey Ellis | #1

30 Nov 2023

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Hosted By Celeste Halliday

The Re-connection Revolution podcast, hosted by High Performance Leadership Coach and Connection Consultant, Celeste Halliday, delves into life’s most profound questions to help us understand why we feel so disconnected, and how to find our way back to creating a lit-up life.
Through raw and real conversations with remarkable people living inspirational lives, we provide a window into how we can all find hope, health and happiness and spark a reconnection revolution in our lives.


In a world that encourages us to stay small, and play shallow, The Re-connection Revolution podcast goes deep and helps us to re-connect with who really are and what we really want. It explores both; life’s most profound questions and the funny, craziness of day-to-day living.

Built on the premise that, as humans, we’re all doing our best to live good lives, and that by sharing our journeys and learnings, we can help each other to live lives we love and create a world where everyone can be their most authentic, lit-up self.

Hosted by Celeste Halliday, this vulnerable and transformative podcast provides inspiration if you’re currently battling through one of life’s harder times, or if you’re full of energy and ready for growth and change.

In each episode, Celeste gathers remarkable leaders, experts, and changemakers for inspiring, raw and profound conversations that delve into their personal journeys through disconnection and how these experiences forged their pathway to success.

Drawing from her own life-altering rock bottom, where her relationship, business, and health crumbled amidst a year of relentless personal disasters, Celeste will share her own difficult learnings, and how she found her way back to creating a lit up and happy life. As well as her ultimate discovery of our universal human yearning – our need for genuine connection and belonging.

Life can be hard, but “The Re-connection Revolution” reminds us that we don’t have to do it alone. Join us on a journey of rediscovery, forging connections, and finding resilience in the face of adversity. This podcast is a testament to the power of connection and the possibility of claiming that spark within, even when life’s shadows loom large.