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We’re a Breath of Fresh Air for your Leadership Development

We put the human into your humans.  We focus on every, individual Leader and help them understand their authentic leadership style and strengths. We create experiences that transform the way your Leaders think, behave and lead.  We elevate them out of the day-to-day, and they return with fresh insights, practical frameworks and high performance habits for themselves and their teams.

Here’s how we’re different from everyone else!


Traditional approach

Our approach

Content heavy, practical application light.

We utilise a blended model to ensure hands-on, practical application of theory. We include pre and post work prior to our ‘Learning Labs’, design real work projects, and include group ‘Coaching Clinics’ to ensure accountability and create ongoing connection and embed learning.

 ‘One-size fits all’ approach and/or a ‘shopping list’ of skills/capabilities.

We focus on the specific skills aligned to deliver your business strategy – now and into the future.

Not clearly linked to Strategy and Culture.

We focus on the whole business system and link everything to your Purpose, Values and Strategy.

Learning not linked with real-work experiences.

We balance ‘off-site’ learning time with time out for reflection, link development to real work projects and connect participants to each other to enhance collaboration and learning. This leverages the collective intelligence of your team.

Failure to understand how the individual’s ‘below-the-surface’ mind-set impacts their ability to change behaviour.

We understand the humans and how our brains work.  We help Leaders to identify deep-seated beliefs that are getting in their way, and focus on leveraging their strengths to help them grow and develop.

The development is seperate from the business.

We work closely with you to engage stakeholders in the process so they support, and are part of, the change.

Forget to find out what’s changed.

We work with you to measure and monitor change as it occurs.

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