Why Mecca M-Power Is Doubling Down on Gender Equality and Backing Bold Changemakers with Lisa Keenan

7 Mar 2024

When I first decided to start a podcast, one of the very FIRST people I thought of as a guest was this INCREDIBLE powerhouse of a woman, Lisa Keenan. You could say I started this podcast JUST to get to speak to brilliant minds like hers, so I’m particularly pumped to share this episode with you.

Lisa is the visionary Executive Director of Mecca M-Power, a dynamic social change movement that champions equality and opportunity for women and girls. On top of this, Lisa is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Nightingale Advisors, in addition to serving as a Non-Executive Director at the ALLG, an organization focused on improving the lives and survival rates of people with blood cancer.

Lisa is on a BIG MISSION, but not only that, she has had an incredible journey. It’s like something out of a movie, and she so generously shared it with me. If you’re in need of a dose of inspiration and hope for a more equal world in which the next generation can thrive, or just a healthy dose of optimism, then this episode is for you.

I REALLY enjoyed this one, and I hope you do too!

Celeste xx

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