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When we connect, we create

When we connect, we create

Did you see the recent footage of a family being dragged away by a sudden rip at Panama City Beach in Florida? It was terrifying.

Are you lost in the system?

Are you lost in the system?

We spend a lot of time, as leaders, talking about, and training people in, individual mindset and behaviour change.  And we should. Investing in our people is a smart bet.

Welcome to the Matrix

Welcome to the Matrix

Are you sick of ‘politics’ and ‘patch protecting’? Is your calendar filled with frequent and frustrating meetings? Is innovation and collaboration thwarted by squabbles over resources?

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Brace yourself – Winter is Coming…

Brace yourself – Winter is Coming…

As we head into Winter, with its shorter hours of daylight and coughs and sniffles, I want to take a leaf out of nature’s book (pardon the pun!)

Once upon a time

Once upon a time

We all started with a clean slate. Then, since earliest childhood, we’ve developed stories to make sense of our lives.

What’s your emotional GPS telling you?

What’s your emotional GPS telling you?

Last week I wrote about thoughts not being facts and how we can manage our thoughts by recognising them for what they are – mood-driven mental events that pop up in our mind. Just like thoughts, feelings aren’t facts either (I think we’re starting to see a pattern here…).

Anger – The Tip Of The Iceberg

Anger – The Tip Of The Iceberg

‘GET BACK IN HERE NOW! I SAID NOW!’ – my new manager’s voice bellowed out across the office floor. Everyone froze. I was not long out of university so I quickly assumed this level of anger at work was acceptable.

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Awe: The New Science of Everyday Wonder and How It Can Transform Your Life

By Dacher Keltner

Stolen Focus

By Johann Hari

Atomic Habits

By James Clear

The Silo Effect

By Gillian Tett

Deep Work

By Cal Newport

The Happiness Advantage

By Shawn Achor


By Tal Ben-Shahar

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By Simon Sinek

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By Robin Diangelo

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By Ed Catmull

How To Have A Good Day

By Caroline Webb


By Adam Grant

Rising Strong

By Brene Brown


By Arianna Huffington

The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth

By Amy Edmondson

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