Demystifying Relationships, Self-Connection and Exploring Healthy Masculinity with Mikey Ellis | #1

30 Nov 2023

Men’s expert and facilitator Mikey Ellis joins The Re-Connection Revolution to explore what it truly means to be a connected man, and why mastering the skill of learning nervous system regulation is the key to fostering healthier relationship dynamics. Plus, we unravel the impact of a patriarchal system that affects us ALL. In this episode Mikey vulnerably shares his own experiences, highlighting the responsibility we all share in both deconstructing and reconstructing a more equitable system, as well as the very real struggle a lot of men face when it comes to shame.

If you’re curious about the inner workings of the men in your life and want to be part of a transformative conversation that encourages some difficult self-reflection while challenging the status quo, this episode is a must-listen.

The Re-connection Revolution podcast, hosted by High Performance Leadership Coach and Connection Consultant, Celeste Halliday, delves into life’s most profound questions to help us understand why we feel so disconnected, and how to find our way back to creating a lit-up life.

Through raw and real conversations with remarkable people living inspirational lives, we provide a window into how we can all find hope, health and happiness and spark a reconnection revolution in our lives.

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